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Here's just a small sample of what you can expect from VidCon Abu Dhabi this year! Scroll down to catch a glimpse of what we're offering for each track.

Community Track

Meet & Greets with our Featured Creators
We have some of the top creators in the world at VidCon Abu Dhabi, and now is your chance to get to meet your favorite, have a quick chat, and get a picture!

TikTok Stars
Join top TikTok stars as they discuss their rise to fame, how TikTok has influenced their lives, and tips on how you can be a creator like them!

The Art of Dance
A session analyzing the evolution of dance; reviewing old trends and how to keep up with new ones!

Staying Above the Hate
Negativity is all over social media and it can really take a toll on viewers. These creators have chosen to take a different route by creating thoughtful, positive content and nurturing a positive community.

Nation to Nation: Creating Around the World
Join a panel of top creators from different parts of the world as they discuss the difference and the similarities of creating content in their country.

Beauty in Balance
Looking good is awesome, but FEELING good is what's most important. Creators share wisdom on how to feel good, look fresh, and create content that encourages health and wellness among online communities. Live YOUR best life.

Keep the Laughs Coming!
Come for a laugh and learn something while you're at it! Join us as we pick the brains of the internet's funniest creators.

Sharing Life
Vloggers talk about creating unique connections with their communities, and the ups and downs of sharing their personal lives online.

How to Never Run Out of Ideas
Learn from iconic creators as they explain how they adapt their content to keep it fresh in an ever-changing digital world.

Beauty Crossing Boundaries
The days of defining ourselves against the commercial beauty industry are over. In this session we will break the mold and learn to embrace all aspects of true beauty and inclusivity for all.

Worldwide Gamers
Join in as competitors from around the world come head-to-head to discuss their career paths, and answer your questions!

Let's Talk About Creator Burnout and Mental Health
Sharing your life experiences with your community, both online and IRL, can be hard for a lot of creators and opening up about mental health can be extremely difficult to some. In this session, we are joined by creators who have gone through these experiences and discuss how to recognize when the internet is making you unhealthy, how to make time for yourself, avoid burnout, practice self-care and how to talk about mental health.

Building a Gaming Channel
Getting started as a creator can be daunting, but you don't have to do it alone! Join in as some of the top games teach you how to start creating!

Gamers vs Creators
Who will win in this incredible battle to see who is the top of the top?!

Creators vs Fans
You may love creators, but do you love winning more? Face your favorites in this hilarious battle!

Dynamic Duos
Some duos were just meant to be - join in as these pairs discuss how they came to be such an iconic duo!

Power Couples
Catch these couples as they discuss the ins and outs of their lives.

Family vs Family
What's more important than family? Winning, of course! Laugh along as these families go head to head in a battle of games you won't want to miss.

Keeping Up with the Trends
These days it feels there are more trends than there is time in the day to learn them! But don't worry, in this session we will review all the ones you need to know!

Testing the Trends
Some rise to fame over night, others take months in the making- but which are the best? Find out for yourself in this session where we test out notable trends!

Living Your Best Life
It is important to stay true to yourself and embrace what makes you happy – but that can be hard to do with online molds that dictate what's trendy and what's not. Learn how to embrace yourself in this helpful panel!

Who Runs the World?
The women are standing up and speaking out! Learn from some of the top female creators about their journeys to success in a male-dominated industry.

Come Fly with Me
Travel along with some of your favorite vloggers as they reveal everything from their favorite places to visit, how they got started, best travel stories and whether traveling the world as a job really is as amazing as it sounds.

Modern Musicians
As the music scene goes digital its stars are having to as well! Listen up as these artists explain how they've had to incorporate social media into their careers.

The World of Filmmaking
For many artists, being a content creator is just one part of their lives. Learn the amazing stories and techniques of these amazing filmmakers in this panel about expanding your craft beyond social media.

The Sound of Social Media
Social Media has made life changing development in the lives of these musicians. Listen in as they explain how they have utilized their social media to promote their careers!

Creator Track

Multiple Streams of Income: Create 12 Different Revenue Streams From Your YouTube Channel
YouTube is one of the only social media platforms that encourages creators to link out to their website, put affiliate links in their descriptions and show their audience exactly where to go to buy from them. Are you fully using the immense potential of the platform to make money in multiple different ways? It's time to expand from purely using YouTube for AdSense and explore 12 more ways to leverage this rich platform to support you financially. This session will show you how to build a YouTube channel that actually builds your business and income.

Speaker: Salma Jafri - (Video Marketing Strategist, Salma Jafri Media)

YouTube Data & Analytics 101
Help! I know my analytics are key to understanding my audience, growing and achieving the success I've always wanted on YouTube, but I just open up YouTube Studio and get SO overwhelmed by all the information bombarding me! Where do I start? What does it all mean? And how do I use it to create better content, get feedback from my audience, and create sustainable growth? This presentation will give you an easily executable framework for tracking your channel health, content performance and audience satisfaction, using nothing more complex than 3rd grade math, I promise.

Speaker: Gwen Miller - (VP, Content, Kin)

Jumpstarting the YouTube Algorithm to Get Massive Growth
Ready to grow and sustain a loyal audience on YouTube? A YouTuber's content strategy is the essential foundational element needed for massive YouTube growth, but it's also the most overlooked! Come learn what YouTube metrics you should really pay attention to, how to create strong content, and how to test your content without hurting your channel.

Speaker: Derral Eves - (CEO, Creatus)

20 Reasons People Fail or Make It on YouTube
In this session Jeremy will show you the top 20 reasons why creators either make it or fail on YouTube. He will show lots of examples and will also provide a cheat sheet so you can implement on your channel.

Speaker: Jeremy Vest

Creator: "How to Make Money with NFTs/Crypto"
NFTs are becoming some of the most profitable ways to monetize as a creator. Although the crypto technology behind NFTs is quite tricky, understanding what they are and how to make quick money off of them is not! Jade Darmawangsa, CEO at X8 Media, will discuss what an NFT is, how you can sell NFTs, where to exchange, and recent examples of NFT sales inside X8.

Speaker: Jade Darmawangsa (CEO, X8 Media)

How to Go From 0 to 60K Followers on TikTok
TikTok is not all tweens and dance videos. Here's the story of how an industry advertising professional applied what he'd learned in his career to grow a TikTok channel. Brendan Gahan, Partner Chief Social Officer at Mekanism, will share his biggest insights and tips for growing a professionally oriented TikTok account.

Speaker: Brendan Gahan (Partner/Chief Social Officer, Mekanism, Epic Signal)

Go Global: How to Double Your Audience Through Translation
The reach of your content can be much bigger than you think. Translating your videos can be the fastest growth hack to maximize viewership. But which videos should you translate? What territories should you focus on? How do you manage your translated content? In this session, Farbod Mansorian, cofounder and CEO of YouTube content translation startup, unilingo, will teach you how to translate, upload and manage your videos in more than one language.

Speaker: Farbod Mansorian (CEO & Co-Founder, unilingo)

Networking and Collaborating 101
Creators discuss the importance of collaborating and networking and how they have utilized both to benefit their channels. Because we're better together!

Pursuing Passion: Going From Creative Hobby to Career
In this panel we are joined by some of the most exciting new creators to discuss how they transformed their interests into careers. When did they decide to take their hobbies and turn them into working with some of the biggest brands all over the world. These creators will share what they have learned along the way and the advice and secrets they would have given to their younger self or any other creator out there.

Beauty and the Business
Business-minded beauty creators share how they've grown their online business offline. These creators have started their own companies, launched clothing and makeup lines, contracted with major global brands, and so much more.

Navigating Brand Deals
What to do when brands coming knocking? As more brand money comes into the online video space, and as brands experiment with how to get their products in front of the right audiences, creators are increasingly being asked to be part of this process. For creators, this can be a way to turn a passion into a job. This panel will discuss what brands are looking for, and how to make relationships with brands.

Livestreaming, Gaming and You
Livestreaming is one of the most unique creator/fan experience and creators are using it in any different ways. Learn how to ride this wave and harness the power of livestreaming to reach a brand new audience.

Filming and Editing on the Go
Creators find inspiration in all kinds of places. These creators have traveled the globe filming and creating content while sharing their experiences with their fans and communities, on- and offline. Join this panel as they have an open conversation about the highs and lows, trips and tricks for editing on the go and hear where they've been and where they plan to go next.

Finding Your Style & Voice as a Creator
Video blogging as a format is well established, so finding your own style is more important than ever. Learn how to stand out as a vlogger – everything from from decided what image you want to present, how much of yourself to show, and how to grow over time.

Industry Track

NFTs, OMG!! What is the Future of NFTs?
There has been a lot of talk around NFTs and new ways for creators and businesses to monetize content and give fans a closer and more digital connection to them. But what are NFTs? What is the potential and how can business, creators and brands take advantage and monetize from them? We are joined by Founder/CEO, Simon Hudson of Cheeze, a NFT platform helping turn IP into digital NFT assets, to discuss the future of NFTs and give more insight into this new digital collectible.

Speaker: Simon Hudson (Founder, Cheeze)

Fireside Chat with Hussein Freijeh GM SNAP (MENA)
Join SNAP GM (MENA) Hussein Freijeh in this exciting fireside chat. We will dive into what SNAP Inc. has planned for 2022 in the MENA region and how brands, agencies, and creators can utilize the platform.

Speaker: Hussein Freijeh (GM SNAP, MENA)

Exploring the Impact and Future of User-Generated Content
With GoPros and smartphones, everybody's a creator nowadays. However, leveraging user-generated content to build relatable advertising is both an art and a science. In this session you'll learn from savvy, global marketers as they share the secrets to using your powerful moments to truly connect with today's young consumers.

Don't Do Influencer Marketing: Why Most Brands Get It Wrong (and What to Do About It)
This talk will dive into the universal principles of influencer marketing and how to make it work for your brand regardless. Hosted by Brendan Gahan, Partner Chief Social Officer at Mekanism, Gahan will share his biggest failures and lessons learned from over 15 years of doing influencer marketing with Fortune 500 brands.

Speaker: Brendan Graham

YouTube Massive Growth - The Data Driven Way
Derral Eves and his company Creatus have worked with some of the biggest YouTube channels, businesses, and brands, helping to generate more than 47 billion views. He was also part of the team that now holds the record of the #1 most crowdfunded project in media of all time. If you want to get measurable results from your videos, Derral will show you exactly how to use the YouTube algorithm to turn video views into money, clients, and conversions.

Speaker: Derral Eves - (CEO, Creatus)

How to Grow Your Brand the Right Way on TikTok
TikTok is the fastest growing social network since Instagram – what's your brand's strategy to capitalize on the phenomenon? In this talk Timothy Armoo, CEO/Founder of Fanbyte, one of the world's biggest Gen Z creative agencies will walk through the secrets to TikTok's phenomenal growth and what makes the platform so exciting. Sharing best practices for brands looking to engage with Gen Z and building strong brand presence on the platform.

Speaker: Timothy Armoo - (CEO, Fanbyte)

Master Thumbnails & Win the Click
Do you know that thumbnails are one of the most important aspects of YouTube optimization? In this session, Jeremy Vest is going to share with you all his thumbnail secrets that helped his clients get billions of views. You will learn how to get the highest CTR possible, understand the importance of eyes, emotion, branding, visual storytelling, and lots of actionable secret tips.

Speaker: Jeremy Vest

Creating for Good: Driving Brand Success Through Purpose-Driven Storytelling
The world seems to be spinning at the speed of life these days. And, when it comes to content & creating opportunities to do better by & for others, life's speed is faster than anything we've ever seen before. Millennials make up more than half of the workforce, Gen Z are demanding businesses are ethically driven, & Gen Alpha are making their own rules up to the proverbial game. When it comes to winning at content, the brands that make the most significant impact are those who are seemingly doing the least hard-selling but who are over-indexed on purpose-driven storytelling. Companies who are looking for success & resonance in the long-term must now serve a higher purpose than their bottom line. In this workshop, we'll look at just how much content is being created, who is consuming it, and how to tell stories that matter – no matter your budget.

Speakers: Cassie Roma - (Founder & Director, CR&Co)

How to Balance Your Upload Schedule for Growth AND Audience Satisfaction
Picture this: you're running a reasonably successful content business on YouTube and other social platforms, but you've stopped growing… Why?? In reality, there are only a few levers you can pull to influence audience growth; if you're not pulling any of them, you will NOT GROW, no matter how much your subscribers love your content. While this sounds a little gloom and doom, don't panic! This presentation will walk you through what levers to pull, what levers NOT to pull, and how you can create the perfectly balanced upload schedule which will accomplish all your growth, engagement and audience needs!

Speakers: Gwen Miller

What Creators Want: Creators Tell Brands and Agencies What They Really Want From a Partnership
The world of branded content tends to be a one-sided conversation where brands and agencies tell creators what to do, when to do, and how to do it. However, that might not deliver the best results. In this session we hear from some of the biggest creators from around the world as they tell us what THEY want and what they look for in a brand partner and how to deliver the best results on their platforms.

Delivering ROI: How to truly Measure the Impact of Influencer Campaigns?
What is the secret to a successful influencer marketing campaign? Find out what metrics really matter and how to provide valuable insights to advertisers.Join this panel as they have an open conversation about the highs and lows, trips and tricks for editing on the go, and hear where they've been and where they plan to go next.

The Rise of Esports and Why You Should Care
Esports has exploded in the last year and made headlines all over the world. Many brands, sports clubs, and media companies have all started investing heavily in its growth within MENA. But where does the line blur between gaming and advertising, and how will these newfound commercial opportunities grow? What is the future for Esports and Gaming, and how can all digital businesses fit within it this eco system? We sit down with some of the leading players in the industry who are helping sculpt the future of this exciting world to talk about what the future of Esports looks like in thee MENA region.

Scriptwriting for Engagement: Formulas to Maximize Retention, Watch-Time, and Binge-Ability
If watch time is the most important metric on YouTube, then the longer you can keep people watching, the more likely the platform is to promote your content and the more likely your audience is to trust you and buy from you. So it's definitely a win-win-win strategy to optimise your videos for watch time. And to do that you need to know what words will hook people in within the first few seconds, what will keep them watching your content and what will persuade them to take action at the end of your videos. You need engagement triggers at each stage of your video, and this session will show you exactly how and what those triggers should be throughout your video script.

Speaker: Salma Jafri (Video Marketing Strategist, Salma Jafri Media)

Influencer Marketing with NFT's
In a post-pandemic world where people are attracted to engaging in virtual experiences, brands will need to shift towards more digital offerings. Learn about how brands can turn customers into more loyal fans by issuing NFTs and collaborating with creators in Web3. In this session, you'll learn strategies to prepare your brand for Web3 from the agency behind crypto strategy for the largest animators on TikTok. Led by Jade Darmawangsa, well known for building GenZ agency X8 Media, launches the first crypto incubator $CRE8 to support creators in navigating Web3.

Speaker: Jade Darmawangsa (CEO, X8 Media)

Is Automation Possible in Influencer Marketing and the Creator Economy?
As reliance on technology to streamline and accelerate digital transformation continues to sweep the marketing industry, many wonder if the creator economy and influencer marketing can be automated. In its current state, most creator and influencer marketing remains manual and archaic in its own right, but with the next wave of technology, we are beginning to see the introduction of end to end business process automation. How can brands quickly and efficiently scale the power of creators in a time where content is decentralizing and advertising is shifting to within the content rather than outside of it? Join CEO of BEN Group for a fireside chat on automation in influencer marketing and the creator economy today and the necessity of navigating this through AI and technology.

Speaker: Ricky-Ray Butler (CEO, BEN Group)

Original Content and the Race for Subscribers
With new platforms coming out everyday and social media platforms offering an abundance of snackable content for its users, competition for eyeballs on digital platforms is becoming more fierce than ever. Platforms are not only competing for digital rights to stock their libraries with, but are also putting huge investments into original productions to keep their subscriber base intact. The session will discuss the following:

  • Content strategy for the platforms - localized vs. global content; content for both TV and digital vs. strictly digital content
  • ROI of original productions and movies that skip theatrical release
  • How big is the market in terms of the number of subscriptions each household can have? When is the tipping point?
  • How do platforms deal with piracy amongst the most tech-savvy generation of users they have dealt with to date?

From TV to Smart Phones: Does Size Matter?! How to Make Compelling Video Content for Gen Z
For the first time in history, consumers are spending more time using their mobile devices than watching TV, with smartphone use increasing rapidly within Gen Z. The way the younger generation consumes and interacts with content has changed at an alarming rate. There is no doubt that marketing strategies need to re-align with this modern consumption shift, but how do you keep creating compelling content to an audience who expects constant engaging experiences? Join this very experienced panel of leaders in Gen Z content creation as they discuss what makes great content and how to engage with this new generation of viewers.

How to Leverage the Power of Influencers IRL
With many millions of followers around the world, influencers have the ability to disrupt or redirect the state of a conversation, our way of life, or even the businesses we buy from. With just a video, a Tweet or an Instagram post, their influence can make or break a company. Join us as we explore this new social disruption and how to properly leverage this power both on and offline.

What They Don't Tell You About Influencer Fraud and How to Spot Fakes
Influencer fraud is the industry phrase of the year and people are more sceptical than ever before. How far will some Creators go for fame? Would you pay up to $10,000 for a blue checkmark on Instagram? In this session we will uncover the dark side of chasing fame on Social platforms and how to spot if influence has be bought? Want to combat influencer fraud? Come to this session to find tools, tips and techniques to identify who's real and who's faking it.

Speaker: Musa Sulejmani (Tensor Social)

Going Global: How to Engage a Worldwide Audience
With millions of people watching and connecting with digital content everyday within MENA, how can you expand your presence beyond borders and build a global audience? What territories should brands and media companies be focused on, and how can they tailor their content and programming strategies for international success? Join our panel of industry experts for insights and best practices to maximize your reach and monetization.