Ahmed Abbas

CEO at DigiSay

Ahmed Abbas

Ahmed Abbas is DigiSay’s founder and CEO, a leading MPN specialized in content management and protection with over 60+ Billion views on over 80+ digital content platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Deezer). And also a Co-Founder of Minly the leading celebrity to fan experiences marketplace in partnership with HOF Capital, Foundation Ventures and TVision. 

DigiSay worked with leading TV networks and VOD platforms in MENA, including MBC, Al Arabiya, Zee, VIU, BluTV, ON TV, Alhayah, CBC, ElNahar, TEN TV, Alghad Al Araby, El Djazairia One, Al Sharqiya and DW. Abbas and DigiSay played a big role in the digital distribution, protection, marketing and development of several major TV projects in the MENA. 

Abbas also played a pivotal role in the development and production of the world renowned satirical Egyptian TV show “AlBernameg” with Bassem Youssef (Jon Stewart of the Arab World), which received global awards including "Time100" and "CPJ" award and is the most watched show in Arab TV history with 40+ M viewers per week and 500+ M views online. 

Abbas holds an MBA degree from the European School of Business in Germany and is a graduate of the German School in Egypt.

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    Sunday • December 05, 2021

    Industry Track

    Original Content and the Race for Subscribers

    With new platforms emerging every day and social media offering an abundance of snackable content for its users, competition for eyeballs on digital platforms is becoming fiercer t

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    • Ahmed Abbas
      (CEO at DigiSay)
    • Sam Barnett
      (CEO at MBC GROUP)
    • Dominique Delport
      (Founder & President at Arduina Partners)
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