Hugo Amsellem

VP, Creator Accelerator at Jellysmack

Hugo Amsellem

Entrepreneur, investor, and writer Hugo Amsellem is at the forefront of the creator economy in many different aspects. In 2011 he co-founded a decentralized music label called oocto which helped independent musicians find success without record labels. From there he was part of the founding team of VC and accelerator The Family which funded and provided valuable mentorship to over 700 hundred founders across Europe, helping them raise over $1B in capital. Hugo has always been drawn to the rebellious nature of creators who bypass traditional gatekeepers like TV/film studios, record labels, and publishers to build successful businesses on their own terms. His passion comes through in his writings for,, HuffPost, and others, as well as his weekly Clubhouse series “The Creator Economy.” In his current role at Jellysmack, Hugo is combining his startup experience with his creator economy enthusiasm as the head of the forthcoming Jellysmack Creator Accelerator.

    Scheduled Appearances

    Sunday • December 05, 2021

    Industry Track

    How to Go Multi-Platform Without Losing Your Mind

    When creators only use one platform, they’re leaving fans and money on the table. A multi-platform presence is crucial to open up new avenues of growth and navigate algorithm chang

    14:15 - 15:00
    Community Stage, Hall 11
    • Youri Hazanov
      (Head of International at Jellysmack)
    • Hugo Amsellem
      (VP, Creator Accelerator at Jellysmack)
    • Nas Daily
      (Founder and CEO at Nas Academy)
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