James Creech

Co-Founder & CEO at Paladin

James Creech

James Creech is the Co-Founder & CEO of Paladin, the essential influencer marketing platform for brands and agencies. Prior to Paladin, James served as SVP, Growth of Bent Pixels and VP, Operations at Channel Factory. He also advises several early stage companies in the creator economy and is the creator and host of All Things Video, the first podcast dedicated to uncovering the past and charting the future of the online video ecosystem.

    Scheduled Appearances

    Sunday • December 05, 2021

    Industry Track

    ROI: Measuring the Impact of Influencer Campaigns

    What is the secret to a successful influencer marketing campaign? Find out what metrics really matter and how to provide valuable insights to advertisers. Join our panel of industr

    12:30 - 13:15
    Capital Suite 21
    • James Creech
      (Co-Founder & CEO at Paladin)
    • Zainab Imichi Alhassan
      (Managing Director at POP Communications)
    • Bechir Omran
      (Director of Growth at Holidayme)
    • Michel Chahda
      (CCO at Diwan Videos)
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    Monday • December 06, 2021

    Industry Track

    Podcasts, Voice Technology, and the Future of Audio

    Innovations in voice technology are revolutionizing the way we interact with our devices. Will voice commands replace the keyboard and mouse as the user experience? What does the f

    12:30 - 13:15
    Capital Suite 13
    • James Creech
      (Co-Founder & CEO at Paladin)
    • Hebah Fisher
      (Cofounder, CEO at Kerning Cultures Company)
    • Milena Djuricic
      (COO at Videomite)
    • Elie Habib
      (CTO & Co-Founder at Anghami)
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