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Matchmaking will run from May 8 at 12 PM (PT) through May 22 at 5 PM (PT).

The Meet & Greet Matchmaking system features the Buddy System — a tool that allows you to link your entry with one other person who has an eligible ticket type. Using the Buddy System does not increase your chances of receiving a particular meet & greet, but it does guarantee that you and your buddy will receive the same sessions.

If you would like to link entries with one person using this tool while matchmaking is open, follow the instructions below:

1. Click on the User Menu in the top right corner and click on “Buddy System”.

2. Enter your buddy’s login information (order holder email address and Order ID), select their first name from the list of ticket holders, and click “Add Buddy”.
3. Enter your buddy’s email address. This is the email address we’ll use to communicate with them about their entry. If your buddy has already logged in to the matchmaking platform, the email address you enter must match the one they entered, so be sure you find out which email address they’d like you to use ahead of time. (Buddies can also update their email address at any time by signing into the matchmaking platform.)
4. Click “Confirm Buddy Email”.

If you haven’t followed the instructions to complete your Meet & Greet Matchmaking entry yet, go ahead and do that now. Otherwise, you’re all set! You or your buddy can break the join at any time by returning to this page from the User Menu and clicking “Remove Your Buddy”. Both buddies are also able to modify the entry by adding, removing, or rearranging creators in the “My Choices” list.