Quen Blackwell

Born and raised outside of Dallas, TX, Quenlin aka Quen has been destined for stardom since she was a young girl. With a total reach of 11M+ followers, she’s been creating hilarious and vibrant content since she was just 12 years old. Getting her initial start on the now-defunct platform Vine, Quen’s quirky personality and loud sense of humor quickly reeled in the masses, amassing over 500k followers on Vine alone. Soon after its demise, Quen moved her content over to her newly-created YouTube channel and TikTok, where she now boasts 7.7M+ followers. In addition to YouTube and TikTok, Quen’s content is extremely popular on Instagram and Twitter. Quen loves to interact with both her fans and fellow content creators and prides herself on the boldness and authenticity of her content. When Quen’s not posting, she’s working behind the scenes launching her music career, gaming, modeling for some of the most high-fashion brands in the world, and interacting with her multitude of famous friends. QUEN BLACKWELL Quensadilla ENTREPRENEUR COMEDIAN VLOGGER @quenblackwell