Jesús Morales also known as "juixxe" is a 26-year-old, first-generation Mexican immigrant who uses his platform to give back to local street vendors and strangers in the community. Driven by the desire to help others, Morales has raised over $300,000 to directly support vendors from the local fruit stand on the street corner to the ice cream cart walking through on the beach. He collects donations through apps like Venmo and Cash App which he uses to provide gifts in the form of cash, laptops, tablets, and even fully paid off cars. With the help of his followers and brand sponsors, juixxe plans to give away millions of dollars. His audience not only wants to provide him with cash to donate, but they have become fans of his powerful and moving mission. He has partnered with brands such as Intel, McDonalds, and Ally Bank. His future goals include expanding into longer form content, partnering with brands for larger giveaways, and helping all those he interacts with along the way.