Jeenie Weenie

Before becoming a full-time content creator, Sandra ‘Jeenie’ Kwon’s previous professional experience included working in both the hospitality and airline industries for highly sought-after companies including Emirates Airline, where the ‘Jeenie.Weenie’ character was first born! Sharing hilarious and relatable skits, travel tips, and tales from her time as a flight attendant, Sandra's channels have reached over 16M engaged fans to date, with those numbers steadily increasing. When she’s not recounting iconic airline stories, Sandra also loves to share fun, family-themed content with her 'My Korean Mom' character, adventures of 'Mini Jeenie', and relationship humor with 'My Husband Johnny', all of which are sprinkled throughout her channels as well as posted to her 'The Weenie Family' Instagram account! Sandra currently splits her time between her native Vancouver, Canada, and Los Angeles, CA with her husband Johnny Ung, and adorable 'weenie' dog Dexter, and soon-to-be first child in 2023!