Casual Geographic

When the pandemic hit, Mamadou was working as an environmental science field technician. Like many in lockdown, he downloaded TikTok on April 15th to keep himself amused. The next day, Mamadou was laid off and one day later, 25-year-old Jersey native posted his first video. Two months later, he posted his first animal video, garnering him 100,000 followers in two weeks. From there, he began aggressively putting out as many as four comedic AnimalTok videos a day, his favorite being the moose, orca, and cassowary. On July 28th, a little more than three months after downloading the app out of boredom, he hit the sacred one million followers mark. Mamadou’s consistency helped expand his platform. By September 8th, he reached 2 million followers, which he doubled to 4 million just after the New Year’s. That was also around the time he began a YouTube channel with compilations of many of his most popular short-form videos. He is now close to hitting 16 million followers.