Eric Wei (@trykarat)


Eric is cofounder and co-CEO of Karat Financial (@trykarat). Karat has raised over $100M to build better financial products for digital creators — backed by top creators like Graham Stephan, Nick DiGiovanni, Ludwig, Alex Botez, and Nebula; top angels including co-founders of Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube; and top VCs like Union Square Ventures, SignalFire, and Y Combinator. 

Previously Eric worked as a product manager at Instagram, as a consultant at McKinsey, and in banking at Blackstone. He studied economics and psychology at Harvard. You can contact him on Instagram at @trykarat or @erictway.

Industry Track

Blurred Lines: When Content Creation & Entrepreneurship Converge

Location: 304ABC

Thursday, June 27

12:15 pm - 1:00 pm

Featuring: Eric Wei (@trykarat), Jason Y. Lee, Tips Out and more

The next billion-dollar business will be built by entrepreneurs who’ve morphed their content and communities into scalable marketing machines — but not for the benefit of brand partners. These innovators are making content the cornerstone of marketing for their own standalone companies and products, ultimately building such big businesses that it’s no longer clear whether to call them creators, founders, or something entirely new! Hear from the people driving this shift, and blurring the lines between creators, founders, and pioneers of a new business era.


Community Track

Live Podcast: The Karat Podcast ft. Anthpo

Location: ROOM 213

Friday, June 28

10:00 am - 11:00 am

Featuring: Eric Wei (@trykarat), Anthpo

Ever wondered what your favorite creators are like behind the scenes? Karat Financial co-founders Eric Wei and Will Kim talk with today’s biggest creators to get to know the humans behind the content. Tune in during this live recording to go deep, with topics covering hopes, dreams, philosophy, and insecurities.