Sylvie Esmundo

Global E-Commerce Leader - TikTok Shop

Sylvie is a Global Commerce Leader for TikTok and an OG Creator before the titles of "Influencer" and "Creator" existed. She is product and content strategist with 20 years of experience building, growing, and innovating for global brands and creators. Sylvie specializes in social media, creator marketing, affiliate marketing, trend forecasting, product marketing, merchandising, AI, personalization, and new product experiences across technology, media, and commerce. Sylvie's career experiences include Meta, Williams Sonoma, ShopStyle, POPSUGAR, Gap, amongst other global brands. Sylvie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family and loves tennis, dancing, beach days, game nights, live music, vintage bookshops, Mario Kart, and Halo Halo (IYKYK).