Nick Reid

Sr. Director, Audience Development

Nick Reid is a prominent figure in the Attention Economy, currently leading award-winning teams at Paramount Global to success with innovative and compelling initiatives across digital studios and video channels. With a deep understanding of design and editorial processes, he excels in creating strategic engagement campaigns and always-on content that support key franchises across the theatrical box office, linear television, streaming platforms, podcasts, and social media. 

Nick Reid's expertise spans across live-action programming, sports, animation, and gaming verticals; having worked on titles such as Paramount Pictures' IF, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2023), Avatar: Braving the Elements Podcast, and Super Bowl LVIII: Live from Bikini Bottom. He leverages social listening tools, data analytics, and intuitive thinking to identify new growth opportunities and expand audiences. Always at the forefront of new trends and technology advancements, Nick Reid knows how to harness these to meet business goals and shape strategic business plans. Known for his critical thinking and creative problem-solving abilities, Nick Reid continues to make a significant impact in the digital media landscape.

Community Track

Perfecting the Craft of Comedy

Location: Spotlight Stage

Saturday, June 29

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Featuring: Daniel Thrasher, Brandon Rogers, Jesus Nalgas and more

Prepare for a riotous rendezvous with some of the internet’s wittiest minds as they discuss the craft of comedy! Reminisce on the viral moments that skyrocketed them to fame, and hear the secrets behind how they infuse their signature humor into their content while simultaneously keeping it fresh and exciting. This session is sure to tickle your funny bone!