Mei Pang is a Canadian-Malaysian Creator, who has shaken up the beauty industry with her often viral bold and technical beauty looks, shaved head, and head to toe collection of symmetrical tattoos. 

She was cast by Rihanna in the 2021 Savage x Fenty runway show, and has collaborated on beauty content for numerous brands, as well as appeared as a guest host on Canada's Drag Race.

Community Track

The State of Glamour: 2024

Location: Amplify Stage

Thursday, June 27

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Featuring: Emmy Combs, Valeriya Eros, Noor Dabash and more

From high glamour, to VFX makeup, to more natural looks — no one is more well-versed than these beauty powerhouses! Hear their opinions on the best (and worst) trends in the beauty space over the past year.


Community Track

Living Out Loud: Inside the World of Lifestyle Content

Location: Trending Stage

Saturday, June 29

10:00 am - 11:00 am

Featuring: Janette Ok, Arianna Hailey, meicrosoft and more

These creators are documenting their lives, whether it's through videos about their personal styles throughout the years or even through daily vlogs showing their audience what they’ve been up to lately! Join this conversation about how lifestyle creators keep their content fresh, just by being themselves!