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Aaaaaaand in the red corner coming in at 185lbs of pure masculinity, 6ft3 and with a 8 foot wingspan, he loves an anime reference with his booty shakin' music - this absolute unit goes by the online moniker H T HAZE. GIVE IT UP FOR THE HAM MAN! *audience stands up and cheers*

Community Track

Sound Waves & Social Streams: Music's Digital Revolution

Location: Amplify Stage

Thursday, June 27

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Featuring: HTHAZE, Enola Bedard, Daniel Thrasher and more

Social media’s power within the music industry is undeniable, transforming the way music is produced, distributed, and enjoyed. Hear from this panel of successful musicians as they dissect the pivotal role social platforms have played in reshaping the music landscape, and how you can use this shift to your advantage, from growing your listener base to promoting new releases and more!