Markell Washington

TikTok star and internet personality Markell Washington prominently rose to fame posting dancing, gymnastics, and comedic videos amassing an audience over 11 MILLION across platforms. Hailing from Brunswick, GA this former fast food worker changed his life in a matter of months by focusing on putting out positive content with the goal of making the world smile. Don’t mistake Markell as just another TikTok star, Markell has been showcasing videos with creativity, humor, and personality leading him to a viral sensation one after another.

Creator Track

Creators Talk Content Strategy

Location: Room 210

Thursday, June 27

2:45 pm - 3:30 pm

Featuring: Markell Washington, Brotherofcolor, Katie Feeney and more

There are a lot of audience development experts out there who can give you advice on your content strategy. But why not hear it straight from the most accomplished creators? Get the inside scoop on building your audience and optimizing your content for growth as some of digital media’s most exciting creators lift the lid on all their secrets to success.