Brett Dashevsky

Head of Content Creators

Brett Dashevsky is a leading voice of the creator economy in New York City as founder of Creator Economy NYC, the premier hub connecting thousands of content creators and creator economy professionals through in person events and insightful media.

Brett has been recently appointed as Head of Content Creators at Kickstarter. In this role, he plays a pivotal part in bringing on content creators and supporting them as they launch their creative projects on the world-renowned crowdfunding platform.

He is also the co-founder of Siftsy, a comment-section analytics platform that helps influencer marketing agencies and brand managers gain vital insights from audience feedback on their creator-based campaigns.

Prior to these current endeavors, Brett successfully built and sold a creator-led newsletter to Workweek Media, where he then spearheaded the launch, development, and monetization of other creator-led newsletter brands.

Creator Track

From Influencer to Business Owner

Location: Room 207CD

Thursday, June 27

11:15 am - 12:00 pm

Featuring: Aaliyah Arnold, Marissa Hill, dukelovestaxes and more

Ever wondered how an influencer manages to make millions online? This isn’t just a fantasy — you can do it, too! Explore the strategies and stories of creators who are using their authentic connections with their audience to not only build personal brands, but to create impact in the business world. From navigating the challenges of niche markets to establishing meaningful collaborations, this session empowers you to harness the power of influence and entrepreneurship, regardless of your audience size!


Creator Track

AI-Powered: The Creator Economy in 2025 & Beyond

Location: Room 202

Thursday, June 27

5:15 pm - 6:00 pm

Featuring: Brett Dashevsky, Chris Do, Amanda Perelli and more

AI has already begun to transform the creator economy in 2024, and will only continue to revolutionize this sector in 2025 and beyond. This panel will uncover and unpack emerging trends and technologies shaping the creator economy, with a focus towards AI, while also diving into how creator’s can leverage these cutting-edge developments to their advantage.