June of ActuallyRea/GinjaNinjaOwO is a primarily digital artist & YouTube personality, whose roots began in the Warriors and Pokémon fandoms back in their early days of Multi-Animator Projects and well-beloved Nuzlocke comics. In recent years, their focus has shifted towards creating engaging videos that explore the drawing and character designing process with their audience, and doing so with humor and high spirits. June has proudly maintained his online art career for over a decade and, with plans to return to storytelling via his active project, PRISM, is excited for more to come.

Community Track

VidCon After Dark: Toonuki Lab Live

Location: Amplify Stage

Friday, June 28

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Featuring: CircletoonsHD, Cel Shock, GetMadz and more

Toonuki Lab (previously Cartoon Punch) is a hyper-energized and interactive game show focused on art and creativity! Contestants and audience members will compete in a series of drawing games ranging in various degrees of insanity and weirdness for prizes and the chance to call themselves the Toonuki Lab Champ! The best part? YOU will get to determine who the winners and losers are in this all out drawing battle. So come cheer on your favorite YouTube animators in Toonuki Lab!