Anhar Karim (@ReliableNarrator)

Entertainment Writer

Anhar Karim is a contributor for, where he covers the latest in movies, TV, and all things creator economy. He’s interviewed filmmakers behind Marvel and DC productions, discussed the creator business with leaders at Snapchat and TikTok, and covered red carpets including at this year’s People’s Choice Awards.

Anhar is also a digital marketing professional and an active content creator himself under the handle @ReliableNarrator. On his page, he analyzes popular movies, TV shows, and music to uncover deeper meaning and encourage artistic discussion. In his work he has collaborated with The Walt Disney Company, The Academy Awards, A24, Xbox, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, and more.

Industry Track

Talent Management in the Creator Era

Location: 304ABC

Thursday, June 27

4:00 pm - 4:45 pm

Featuring: Stephanie Wahlers, Josh DeAngelis, Anhar Karim (@ReliableNarrator) and more

Join leading talent managers and executives from creator-focused firms as they share insights into how they've developed a suite of services bespoke to the needs of today's high-profile creators. They will unpack how these firms seamlessly integrate content strategy, community engagement, and innovative monetization strategies. What does it mean to have a creator-first approach built into your corporate DNA? What unique challenges have they navigated as a result of managing digitally native talent? Don't miss this comprehensive look at modern talent management and how it empowers creators in agile and holistic ways.


Creator Track

From Indie to Industry: Working with Studios

Location: Room 210

Friday, June 28

5:15 pm - 6:00 pm

Featuring: Rachel Pizzolato, Che Jim, Leo González and more

Ever wondered how to work with big studios? In this panel we are joined by creators who are collaborating and working with traditional media studios and streaming platforms. From navigating creative partnerships to adapting workflows, our panelists share firsthand experiences of transitioning from independent content creation to partnering with larger traditional and digital studios. Discover the nuances, challenges, and impacts on their content production processes as they explore the intersection of creativity and collaboration in the ever-evolving landscape of media production.