Arleta Fowler


Arleta Fowler leads the Lifestyle Talent vertical for Digital Media at CAA. Fowler has been profiled in a number of noteworthy features including Business Insider’s 20 Most Influential TikTok Talent Managers and Agents in 2023, Essence’s 2022 Black Women In Hollywood list, and Business Insider’s Top 15 Talent Agents for TikTok Creators list in 2022.

Industry Track

Ending the Stream vs Mainstream Debate

Location: Anaheim Ballroom C

Friday, June 28

2:15 pm - 3:00 pm

Featuring: Alan Chikin Chow, Adam Rose, JT Casey and more

Digitally native creators are forging new paths, with careers that simultaneously span social media and more traditional forms of entertainment, including film, television, and print media. No longer is digital considered a jumping off point that should be “graduated” from — today’s multi-talented creators are building multi-platform careers, ultimately changing the nature of media and entertainment forever. How do these creators think holistically about the content they create, and about connecting authentically with their fans regardless of platform or context? Find out during this insightful conversation.