Meredith Levine


As a fanthropologist, Meredith Levine does organic audience development research and strategy work in the attention economy. She crafts and fields custom research for creators, brands, and media companies to better understand their respective fandoms - especially how those fandoms use social media. She also strategically advises her clients on online video optimization through the lens of aligning audience need-states with platform priorities. Her work often includes trends research and reporting about everything from highly talked about moments in pop culture and events to broader and larger sociopolitical shifts in the media production and consumption landscapes. 

Occasionally, Meredith Levine is an adjunct professor of Fan Studies. 

Industry Track

Creator Census: Data-Driven Thinking Beyond Analytics Dashboards

Location: Ballroom AB

Thursday, June 27

2:25 pm - 2:50 pm

Featuring: Meredith Levine, Stephanie Patrick, Hank Green

A singular focus on digital analytics means many creators and media makers are missing invaluable insights that often exist outside the realm of content optimization and social listening. Traditional market research methods — surveys, focus groups, ethnographies, and more — are helping some of today’s most successful creators inform strategic decision making via qualitative and quantitative audience research. This session digs into how creators gather data using opt-in samples from their communities to think beyond the dashboard and guide the future of their businesses.