Trevor Barrett

Trevor Barrett, a boundary-pushing makeup artist and beauty educator from Lancaster Pennsylvania, captivates audiences worldwide with his stunning creations. Known for his creative hacks and helpful tutorials, Trevor's Instagram feed showcases his versatility and innovation in makeup artistry. With a growing following, he inspires others to embrace their individuality through self-expression and confidence in their beauty skills. Whether sharing everyday tips and looks or avant-garde artistry, Trevor continues to captivate and inspire audiences globally as a true visionary in the beauty industry. 


Trevor recently launched his very first collab with Dose of Colors. A limited edition collection celebrating pride that combines Dose of Colors's commitment to high-quality functional makeup with Trevor's transformative vision. With a shared dedication to inclusivity, they joined forces to create a collection that celebrates individuality and self-expression along with 5% of all proceeds going to support the ItGetsBetter Project. This collection introduces a captivating range of must-have essentials and unique colors that challenge you to express your true self with confidence and creativity.