VidCon US 2021 Industry Track Themes

Advancing the Creator Economy

At VidCon US, you can expect to experience premium content revolving around the creator economy. This year, we're focusing on the following thematics that are impacting that economy right now.


In addition to sessions featuring new technologies shaping the industry, we're highlighting some of the most innovative and exciting startups at the forefront of the technological advancements that are driving the creator economy through our Innovation Showcase.

Session Topics:

  • Latest technology trends
  • Future tools and AI
  • Deep fakes and fake videos
  • Shift from consumption to creation
  • Innovation in the media and entertainment space — Innovation Showcase

New tools and platforms continue to evolve the ways in which creator content can be monetized, allowing creators to better transact with their communities. The big ad-based platforms will become more commerce-focused over time, while brands and creators can plan for the new value-based relationships.

Session Topics:
  • How to monetize culture — shifting from advertising to commerce
  • Content to commerce: how technology is inspiring and transforming the next era of retail
  • Bridging the importance of music, tech, and the intersection of social currency, including NFTs
  • How Web 3 and NFTs will change the way businesses connect with consumers
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Betting big on the creator economy: secrets from sop investors

Marketing & Brands
The evolution of the relationship between a brand and a creator is changing rapidly and creators seem to have the upper hand. Creators are learning to be skilled entrepreneurs and drive their own destiny. But that doesn't mean long-lasting partnerships aren't possible. Both sides will share their secrets to creating finely tuned, mutually beneficial partnerships!

Session Topics:
  • Top creators on the evolution of their brand relationships
  • Marketing at the speed of culture and connecting brands to culture
  • Creator campaigns — the success behind a finely tuned partnership
  • Why creators have to be entrepreneurs
  • The "Flicker, Flash, and Flare" model of building a brand presence on TikTok
  • Influencer marketing in Web3
  • What's next in kids entertainment?
  • Mental health-creating joy and storytelling

Creators are the lifeblood of any social media platform — they drive trends and engagement while building a loyal community. Social media companies seem to be waking up to that fact and are rolling out more and more ways for creators to make money on their platforms. We will look at what the big platforms are doing, as well as what's on the horizon with emerging platforms.

Session Topics:
  • New community media platforms beyond video (ie audio, comic books, novels, etc)
  • Live streaming shopping and more
  • TikTok analysis: what works?
  • The future of online video
  • Emerging platforms
  • The future of short form apps