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Here's just a small sample of what you can expect from VidCon this year! Scroll down to catch a glimpse of what we're offering for each track.

Community Track

Women in Gaming
Gaming is an outlet for everyone. Despite this, it is a notoriously male-led industry. Be a part of the conversation as this group of amazing women gamers discusses the challenges and rewards of their careers in the gaming industry!

Game Theorists Live
Plot holes, strategies, and payoffs, OH MY! Listen in as renowned game theorists discuss every nuance of play mechanics.

Let's Go! Gaming in 2021
Be it a Let's Play or a livestream, gaming has solidified itself as a cultural phenomenon. Join us as we chat about trends in gaming, new titles that we're excited for, and our most exciting streaming stories.

The World of Roblox
Travel with your favorite gamers into the world of Roblox as they discuss their favorite games, stories, and answer your burning questions! Join in on the adventure.

Diversity in Gaming
Gaming is popular among people of color, yet the industry still has a lot of work to do telling our stories. Like many realms, there are too few Black and Brown people at the table when it comes to the direction of the gaming movement. Join this important conversation with some prominent POC gamers as we discuss diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry.

Bed Wars: Animators vs. Minecrafters
Suit up and get ready to battle! This will be one for the ages. Who will be the last bed standing?!

Cultivating Your Look
You've got the LOOK! Learn how to cultivate your own personal style with top tier fashion icons as your guides!

Beauty on a Budget
Take your look to the next level without breaking the bank! Join your favorite influencers as they help you discover the best ways to keep up with new styles on a budget.

Food Competition
We are adding some spice to the cooking competition trope! Watch as we pit two expert chefs against each other in a live cook-off. The only catch is they can't touch anything! Instead they will each be directing a comedian with no cooking knowledge to whip up their recipes! How will it end? With big laughs, no doubt!

Live Trending Party Game
This is not your parents' game night! Come play with us, LIVE!

TikTok: Dance Dance Evolution
Just like breakdancing in the 80s, TikTok has reinvented the way we dance! Join us as we look at some of the most popular dance challenges and discover some new moves.

The State of Glamour 2021
Join top tier beauty creators to discuss the state of the constantly evolving digital beauty scene.

A Beauty Influencer's Take on Authenticity
Join us as we discuss the misperceptions of the makeup industry and community. Uncover how makeup can be used for creativity and self-expression.

Beauty Unfiltered
Join brand reps and influencers as they discuss the ethics of beauty filters and photo manipulation/editing from a beauty insider's point of view!

Social Media's Influence on Beauty
Thanks to the magic of social media, we all can learn to apply makeup like a pro. But what are some drawbacks of this access? Join us as we discuss how to make online beauty content more than just superficial comparisons, translating likes into validation, and crowdsourcing product recommendations.

LGBTQ+ Represent!
We're here, we're queer, we're online! Join us as we discuss LGBTQ+ representation in the online digital arena. How is digital media changing to include diverse voices and what still needs to be done?

Everyone is Beautiful
The days of defining ourselves against the commercial beauty industry are over. In this session we will break the mold and learn to embrace all aspects of true beauty and inclusivity for all.

The Impact of Social Media on the Music Industry
In this session we will explore the evolution of music in a digital world. Back in the day, an artist had to be "discovered". Now, an artist can produce and release their own music on the internet. Join us as we analyze the impact social media has had on the industry.

Black Media Matters
Now more than ever, Black representation in digital media is imperative to combat racist and stereotypical narratives. Join this panel as we dig deep into the issue of online diversity and learn how to break the vicious cycle of misrepresentation and discrimination in social media.

Creator Track

How do you get your audience to smash that "Like" button? Learn how to create striking content that not only appeals to your viewers but allows you to target a broader audience.

Diversifying Revenue Streams
Parlaying a successful online presence into a viable offline business is becoming more of an option for many influencers. Everything from book deals, merchandise lines, and traditional media opportunities are becoming more of a reality. Learn from Zack Honarvar, founder of One Day Entertainment, as he discusses new and creative strategies for earning new streams of revenue.

Small Budget, Quality Content
Technology has allowed us the ability to shoot, edit, and upload content straight from our mobile devices! With smart phones becoming more affordable and programs like Adobe Rush, creators are able to produce top-notch content in half the time and on a shoestring budget. This session will teach you how.

The Fine Details
Sure, content is king and the best creators will thrive, but many aspects of what sets creators apart are in the fine details. Those intangibles could make the difference between getting brand deals and new fans to plateauing and becoming stagnant. Join top creators as they give you key tips on how to create dynamic bios, websites, and channel design.

Managing Money, Taxes, Finances, and Budgets as an Influencer
You know how to create amazing content, but do you know how to file your 1099? In this day and age, it's crucial to understand where your money goes and what your money does. Speak with a real expert to help make tax season less of a headache.

How to Provide Value to Your Audience on Instagram
How do you "be yourself" for a living without losing yourself? How can you create and maintain your personal brand while still being true to yourself? In this workshop we will detail how to curate your online personality and the finer points of maintaining agency in your own personal brand.

I Agreed to What?!?! What You Should Know Before Signing
Level up your knowledge and confidence when negotiating better deals with brands or agencies at this informative session. Learn the 10 essential deal terms commonly found in influencer agreements and tips about countering a deal. Discover some pitfall terms that brands often ask of influencers that you'll want to avoid. Arm yourself with these effective strategies from the experts!

Fundamentals of Directing
Sure, the chair is cool but it takes a clear vision, attention to detail, and organization to bring a director's vision to life! Join us to discuss what it takes to be a great director in this session!

Pivoting on a Dime Online
COVID-19 has forced creators and companies to pivot to alternative revenue and distribution streams. In this session, we will chat with several nimble creators who have successfully pivoted to new platforms and methods. What were some triumphs and failures?

Well, That Blew Up. What's Next?
So you just went viral. Great... what's next? Learn how to keep your momentum in this dynamic session.

Building the Perfect Thumbnail
Thumbnails are the first impression for any video, so it is important they are impactful and striking. Join Vanessa Lau as she teaches you how to make the best thumbnails to get those clicks.

Developing Ideas for Brands that Your Audience Loves
Hate seeing your average view duration tank every time you integrate a sponsor? Learn how to get those views and keep your audience engaged, all while incorporating your sponsors.

Reading Analytics and Data
We get it, reading your analytics can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. As difficult as they may be to read, analytics are important and can help you be a better creator. Join top internet analysts as they guide you through the back end of your channel so you can understand what it all means and apply this data to your advantage.

Measuring Social Success in the Age of Digital Detox and Disappearing Likes
As digital wellness awareness increases in the tech industry, social platforms have responded by rethinking how time is spent and increasingly how metrics show up — from building in-platform time limits to experimenting with hiding likes. In a world moving towards digital mindfulness, what will "successful" content look like? What impact will this have on partnerships between creators and brands if key metrics are no longer publicly visible? How can digital mindfulness improve creator's content quality?

Podcasting: Developing an Idea
In a sea of competition, how do you create a podcast that stands out? Join some of the most dynamic podcasters as they guide you through the process of distinguishing your voice. Learn the dos and don'ts of developing a podcast that will help you catapult your idea into millions of ears.

Industry Track

Fireside Chat with Phil Libin
You know Phil Libin as the co-founder of Evernote, but we'll check in on his new startup mmhmm. It was founded last May to liven up video calls and presentations. Find out why he believes video has the potential to rewire business interactions in the same way that the dot-com era rewired how commerce is done.

Investing in the Creator Economy
Join Connie Chan, investor at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, as she explores innovation and technology trends across the creator economy — from emerging social, entertainment, and ecommerce platforms, to new monetization models and business management tools. Connie is also well known across Silicon Valley for her deep knowledge of the Chinese consumer technology landscape and will touch on how she uses this lens to inform her investment theses and track what behaviors may move from East to West.

Fireside Chat with Blake Barnes
LinkedIn is supporting creators and furthering the creator economy. Join LinkedIn's VP of Consumer Products to find out what the future holds for the world's largest professional network.

Fireside Chat with Gina Bianchini
Learn about Mighty Networks, a platform designed to give creators and brands a dedicated place to start and grow communities, at this fireside chat with Founder Gina Bianchini.

Case Study with e.l.f. Cosmetics
Find out why e.l.f. (the 2021 Shorty Award winner for Best Overall TikTok Presence) is for every eye, lip, and face! Explore the approach behind e.l.f.'s 10+ billion views and rapidly growing sales among Gen Z and millennials.

Why Creators Must Be Entrepreneurs
As the creator economy continues to grow and evolve, the most successful creators are taking an entrepreneurial approach to their brands and building big businesses. Whether it's the introduction of a new product line, a brand new area of expertise, or collaborative creative alliances, creators are approaching their craft from a business perspective as opposed to just a creative one. Kyra Media SVP of Talent Shan Lui and renowned beauty creator Abby Roberts discuss why creators need to take an entrepreneurial approach to their business in the context of Abby's diversified beauty and music businesses.

Content with a Purpose
This year, creators continue to leverage their influence for good. Celebrities, gamers, and YouTube and TikTok stars like Steve Buscemi, Adam Sandler, DrLupo, Jacksepticeye, MatPat, Markiplier and Courage are joining Tiltify — the creator-first fundraising platform to lead the evolution of social good in today's social media landscape. Michael Wasserman, CEO of Tiltify will be joined by a leading creator and organization to discuss how creating more interactive, live and personalized experiences on Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube make it easier than ever for hundreds of millions around the globe to support their favorite charities and causes.

What's Next in Kids' Entertainment?
Kids' entertainment used to be all about toys, but that's changing. Young kids are starting to become creators themselves. "Kidfluencers" like Ryan and Vlad & Nikki are all the rage for young people today! Join top content execs to discuss the changing state of children's programming. Hear about obstacles and opportunities in this hot market which serves one of the largest demographics.

Future Tools and AI
How is AI helping studios, networks, and platforms adapt their video content to appeal to large audiences across cultures? Join us as we discuss.

Content to Commerce:
How Technology Is Inspiring and Transforming the Next Era of Retail
The past year has accelerated e-commerce growth like never before! Brands have had to get creative to keep up. Social platforms are doubling as shopping malls, and consumers are seeking inspiration from non-traditional mediums as they look to recreate the beloved in-store experience. How can brands tap into these content-driven experiences and turn online shopping into online buying? Join execs from eko, Havas Media Group, and TikTok as they discuss the evolution of e-commerce and how engaging, choice-driven experiences are bringing us one step closer to the next era of shopping as we know it.

Technology Trends Panel
Join us as technologists discuss the latest trends, advancements, and products/platforms to get excited about.

Betting Big on the Creator Economy: Secrets from Top Investors
The creator economy is the fastest growing element of the media and entertainment landscape — and it's not just entertainment anymore. Today, there are more than 50M independent content creators building e-commerce brands, revolutionizing education, propelling social movements, and so much more. Given the impact of these global creators, a number of investors, from traditional venture funds to upstart VCs, have invested billions, hoping to empower the next generation of successful creatives. Join us for a fascinating conversation with the industry's leading investors as they share the secret to what they look for in a creator and what the future holds for the creator economy.

Community and Culture
Today's consumer not only cares about the quality of a product, but also its social impact and connection to an authentic community. Past missteps with unlawful sharing of data and misdirected audience targeting have left advertisers at a costly crossroads. Companies are now turning to the power of text messaging to more directly engage and connect with their customers. We'll explore how Community, the leading text messaging platform, connects brands, businesses, and public figures directly to their audiences. On the wave of a recent $40M dollar investment from Salesforce Ventures ($90M raised to date), hear from Community CEO and Founder Matt Peltier on how Community is bringing its product expertise and cultural cache to the market.

The Evolution of Brand Relationships
Learn more about integration and sponsorship opportunities and how to best utilize creators and their audiences to drive authentic, organic, and impactful integrations. 

TikTok Analysis: What Works Best
Learn "What Works on TikTok" with Butter Works! Join us as they take us through how their proprietary AI determines what video topics, lengths, subject matters, and tags are most successful on TikTok and where new opportunities lie for content creators on the platform.

Connecting Brands to Culture
How do you create brand love that drives sales? How do you make your brand "cool"? Whether you're already established or an upstart disruptor, the key to becoming a "buzzy" brand is connecting your brand to culture. In this session, you'll learn six strategies for driving cultural relevance from the agency behind branded songs that topped Spotify and Billboard charts, the most viral TikTok campaign in US history, the iconic e.l.f. x Chipotle collab that garnered 4 billion earned media impressions, and many others. Led by Evan Horowitz, CEO and Co-founder of Movers+Shakers — an award-winning creative agency with 100 billion views on TikTok.

Creating Clickable Content
How has Jeremy Vest of Braille Skateboarding been able to help his customers gain billions of views over the last decade? It comes down to clickable titles and thumbnails followed up by very watchable content. In this session you will learn Jeremy's 10 secrets to winning the click and gaining attention in 2021.