2 women networking at a vidcon conference.

It's no secret that the uncertainty of the past two years has reshaped the industry in a major way. Every business is watching their bottom line and losing sleep over employee safety — and for good reason. But they also know that the businesses and brands that will come out on top this year will be the ones that act quickly, invest in their brands, and think outside the box. VidCon does all that!

In 2019, when we last got together, VidCon had over 75,000 attendees and 120 brand exhibitors. In 2020, VidCon doubled down with VidCon Now, cultivating a thriving digital community. In 2022, VidCon remains the place where trailblazers go to chart the future of the creation, production, marketing, enjoyment, and monetization of online video content!

Your boss needs to understand that an investment in your professional development is what we're all about. (Tell 'em we said so.) Here's what you can tell your boss about WHY attending VidCon will more than pay for itself this year:

The exchange of ideas and inspiration that only comes from connections with a global audience of creators and experts is what VidCon is all about. We've been isolated for so long that our creative juices are dried up. Learning, sharing, and collaborating lead to a more vibrant business because they inspire new, breakthrough ideas.

Yes, overexposure is dangerous, but underexposure is certain death for our business. VidCon is at the center of the digital media and online video universe and by being there, we will be perceived as an innovative leader. This brand exposure resulting in even just one new client or connection more than covers the cost of the trip.

Our presence in the Industry Track Lounge and other VidCon spaces gives us instant cred in the world of digital and community-led media. At the same time, it gives us the competitive knowledge we need to succeed. Industry professionals will draw upon their diverse and highly successful strategies to educate me and, in turn, I can use what I learn to help our brand! New to VidCon this year:

  • Hands-on workshops taught by the creators themselves. Set up like interactive classrooms, these sessions will provide tangible new skills that I can apply immediately.
  • Advanced learning sessions led by platform leaders. Gone are the days of introductory sessions about the basics of a platform. These in-depth sessions will take my knowledge base to the next level.

Just as we have taken precautions to do business safely in this pandemic era, VidCon has put considerable thought and resources into making sure that VidCon '22 is a safe experience for us. See COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines.

Cheat Sheet:
Keep these in your back pocket when it's time for the ask.

  • I believe that I would be able to boost our brand and online presence if I learned more about _________________ . (Fill in the blank with skills relevant to your business like, for example, marketing on TikTok. Check out the agenda — available approximately two months before the event — to browse panels and workshops to use as examples.)
  • This speaker/session will help me target our company goal of _________________ (increased profit, reduced cost, more rapid development/launches, bigger social media presence, reach more of our target audience, etc.).
  • I think _________________ (your company name here) needs representation at the biggest arena for digital media masterminds because it is the only way to ensure we are at the forefront of what's next, enabling us successfully drive our business forward.
  • I want to make sure that _________________ (your company name here) is a part of the conversation about the future of our industry.
  • We need to find out what our competitors like _________________ (names of other attendees/brands) are thinking, and they will be there.
  • We've got lofty goals for 2022 and I need to learn what other experts are doing and how platforms are evolving to ensure our success.
  • I need to know what our key platform partners (YouTube, TikTok, etc.) are planning for the next year and what new platforms are emerging so that we can dominate early.
  • Look at the VidCon roster. (Have the agenda in your hand once it's available.) This will be the room where it happens. We can't afford to miss it.
  • If I nail one _________________(new account, new business partner, new growth technique) the trip pays for itself.
  • We _________________(marketers, creators, suppliers) need to stay at the
    top of our game. I'll learn what I need to know to take our brand to new heights.
  • The landscape of digital media has changed dramatically over the past two years. Only VidCon is bringing the community together to navigate these new waters. If _________________ (your company name here) is not there, we will miss the boat.

Want to Be More Formal?
Here's an email template you can use to get the go-ahead.

Customize your letter by filling in the blanks below! Use specifics from the VidCon website. Check out the agenda to curate the perfect VidCon experience that will cater to your company's needs. (The agenda will be available approximately two months before the event!)

Want to Be Even More Creative?
Make a video using the language below.


SUBJECT LINE: Attend VidCon 2022!

Hi [_____________] (your boss's name here),

There is so much growth in digital media and online video, and the landscape changed so quickly and so much over the past two years. Our company needs to get ahead of the trends. Only VidCon brings the community together to navigate these new waters. That's why I'm recommending that I attend VidCon US 2022. It's a conference/event where top and emerging digital and social media experts, content creators, software developers, influencers, social video platforms, marketers, and everyone in between come together under one roof to learn more about the digital, social, and online video industry. If [_________________] (your brand) is not there, we will miss the boat.

VidCon offers panels, keynotes, debates, hands-on workshops, networking opportunities, meet & greets, platform deep dives, and marketing best practices that would help me in my day-to-day duties. Specifically:

[Use the agenda (available in approximately two months before the event) to list examples of the most relevant sessions.]

When I return, I would be happy to share my findings with the team in a formal presentation.

Please take a look at the VidCon website to see why I am so excited to be a part of this.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to discuss in detail. This is an important investment in our company.

If approved, I would like to act fast to secure my ticket before it sells out. I look forward to your reply.

Thank you for your consideration.

[______________] (your name here)