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Using Digital Platforms To Inspire Change
In today’s world we are able to connect in more ways than ever before. From Creators to the Government, the use of digital media has become a vital tool that allows us to educate and have a conversation with our communities on a more personal level. In this fireside chat, moderated by creator Ambers Closet, we explore how Senator Cory Booker has used digital media to educate, drive awareness, and help implement new policy on everything from police reform to COVID-19; and what he learned about the power of these platforms on the campaign trail.
MacDoesIt Q&A
The Mac, the Myth, the Legend. You know him from his comedy, his hit podcast, and living his best life. Do you have any burning questions for the award winning comedian? Well now is your chance! Our Q&A's are 45 minutes of laughs, answers, and fabulousness.


VCNow WORKSHOP: The Best Way To Work With Brands On TikTok And Brands That Are Killing It!
This session is presented by Taki. In the third part of our TikTok Workshop we will explore the best ways to work with brands on the platform and hear from top creators and their personal experiences working on successful brand campaigns in beauty, sporting, retail, CPG, tech and more. The panel will explore the diverse approaches top creators take in collaborating with brands and how they turned creative ideas into successful viral campaigns on the platform.
A Beginner’s Guide to Speeding Up Your Workflow Using Adobe
Keeping all your channels up to date with engaging video content can be time consuming. Join Valentina Vee as she helps you uplevel your videos in Premiere Pro with tips and tricks to speed up your workflow and get to great faster.


Behind the Scenes: Mastering the New World of Interactive Storytelling
Bernie Su has been a pioneer in online storytelling since the early days of YouTube and is now writing and producing Season 3 of the innovative and award-winning live interactive science fiction series Artificial, which airs on Twitch. This session shares the secrets of conceptualizing, creating and executing live interactive storytelling, while at the same time sharing lessons learned from the ongoing remote production requied by COVID-19.