Calle y Poché

Calle y Poché
Calle y Poché, are the fastest-growing creator couple on the internet. With a vast array of talents including dance, acting, singing they are considered all-around artists who currently have one of the highest engagement rates and the hottest bestseller in the Hispanic market, “Si, Si Es Contigo” (Yes, If It’s With You) where it ranks the Top 10 best selling books in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Argentina, and coming soon the English version for the US market. It’s been a very successful road for this couple having won 11 of the most important awards, among them, the 2019 MTV MIAW Icon of the Year, 2019 British LGBT Award for Best Online Influencer, and a nomination for the 2018 Streamy Awards for Best International Creator. Also in 2019 they were chosen to be the main hosts at the 2019 MTV MIAW, were celebrity guests on Disney Channel’s BIA series and their Roast Yourself became the most-watched roast in the world. The power duo is currently the face for Adidas and Huawei Colombia.

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    Aug 26, 2020

    1:00 PM - 1:45 PM PDT

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