Alan Becker

Alan Becker
Most people know him for his stick figures.

    Scheduled Appearances

    Thursday • June 23, 2022

    Community TrackASL Interpreters Present

    Animation Domination

    Draw your attention to these creators as they answer questions about their journeys as animators!

    05:30 PM - 06:15 PM
    For You Stage Presented by TikTok
    • JaidenAnimations
    • King Science
    • Alan Becker
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    Saturday • June 25, 2022

    Community Track

    Twisted Pictionary

    Get ready for Pictionary — with a twist! Our artists will be taking your suggestions and painting them using sponges attached to their elbows. Bet we'll end up with a bunch of Jack

    04:30 PM - 05:15 PM
    Festival Stage, presented by Invisalign
    • Devon St. Arnaud (GingerPale)
    • CircleToonsHD
    • TootyMcNooty
    • Emirichu
    • Alan Becker
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