Keemokazi is a well known internet personality known for his viral TikTok videos and rising music career. His ability to play two roles in the entertainment industry has helped him stand out tremendously and catch the eyes of many people, all of which are constantly waiting for his next drop. He loves to put a smile on his fans faces.

Keemo believes that his music videos have reintroduced him on social media as a music artist. This has somehow bridged the gap between being an influencer and an artist without carving a niche for Keemo’s unique talent. He is a daring creator who decided to venture into a new genre even after becoming successful as an influencer. This move will inspire more artists on social media to break the ongoing trend and create a new one by showcasing multiple talents.

KeemoKAZI loves to play both the role of an influencer and an artist. He calls himself a performer or entertainer who thrives on original content. He is planning to explore more avenues of his creativity in the future while still entertaining his fans through his music and videos on TikTok.

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    Friday • June 24, 2022

    Community TrackASL Interpreters Present

    Live, Laugh, Learn

    Tune in as we learn the craft of comedy from some of the internet's funniest creators! Come for a laugh, stay for a lesson.

    01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
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    • Jack Innanen
    • Arianna Hailey
    • KeemoKazi
    • Elyse Myers
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