Tara Walpert Levy

VP of Americas at YouTube

Tara Walpert Levy

Tara Walpert Levy leads the Americas’ business organization for YouTube and is also responsible for YouTube's global content verticals, ranging from Shopping to Gaming to News. Tara previously led Agency and Brand Solutions for Google and YouTube and was responsible for Google's advertising and technology business with the third-party ecosystem: agencies, consultants, channel marketing partners, and trade associations. Tara came to Google in 2011 to help bridge Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley by leading Ads Marketing.

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    Friday • June 24, 2022

    Industry Track

    The Rise of the Multiformat Creator

    YouTube is the only destination where creators can produce all forms of content - from Shorts to longform to live - while building a community and earning money from multiple reven

    12:05 PM - 12:30 PM
    Ballroom ABC
    • Tara Walpert Levy
      (VP of Americas at YouTube)
    • Rosanna Pansino
    • Ian Boggs
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