Mary Kate Callen

VP, Insights & Cultural Intelligence at Paramount Advertising

Mary Kate Callen

Mary Kate brings a unique perspective on brand communication from strategy experience in advertising, publishing and media industries. She is a veteran at transforming consumer insights, trends and shifts in culture into actionable communication strategies, creative ideas and media opportunities. 

With a focus a newly emerging imperative of brands becoming a part of culture, she currently spends her time at Paramount as Vice President of Insights & Cultural Intelligence working on thought leadership projects and utilizing the wealth of insights that Paramount has about its audiences to inform creative, culturally resonant responses to brand challenges. 

Prior to Paramount, Mary Kate developed brand-partner content strategy at Condé Nast and led marketing for trade media brands at Fairchild Fashion Media. Before making the switch to the media and publishing world, she worked on the agency side at Grey New York across multiple categories including CPG, food and healthcare. 

And as mom of a 4-year old she has found a new appreciation for the power of marketing as she finds herself extremely susceptible to well-targeted advertising campaigns.

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    Friday • June 24, 2022

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    Command Z

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    • Mary Kate Callen
      (VP, Insights & Cultural Intelligence at Paramount Advertising)
    • Shivani Gorle
      (Senior Manager, Audience Impact & Intelligence at Paramount)
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