Corey Burkhart

Senior Game Designer at Interpop

Corey Burkhart

Corey Burkhart has been a profession trading card game player for 12 years and working in the game design industry for 10 years. He started as an intern in college before working to be lead developer and designer at previous studios. He joined the Interpop team in 2021 as the Senior Game Designer working on the Emergents TCG.


    Scheduled Appearances

    Saturday • June 25, 2022

    Community Track

    Connecting Through the Metaverse

    Sponsored by Tezos. More and more communities are connecting through the power of the Metaverse. Will you be joining the Web3 movement?

    05:30 PM - 06:15 PM
    Discover Stage Presented by TikTok
    • Marissa Trew
      (Senior Content Lead at Blokhaus)
    • Sutu
      (Founder at Sutu Eats Flies / EyeJack)
    • Tuna Bora (@tunamunaluna)
    • Corey Burkhart
      (Senior Game Designer at Interpop)
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