Candy Me Up

Candy Me Up

Born and raised in the candy industry, Nema Causey is the owner of Candy Me Up; a bulk and viral candy specialty store located in San Diego, California. As you’ll hear, while many businesses found themselves paralyzed by the pandemic, Nema and her team used it as a turning point to build new media, gain new customers and create a new commercial channel for her family business.

    Scheduled Appearances

    Friday • June 24, 2022

    Industry Track

    Building Your Brand on TikTok: Lessons from SMBs

    TikTok is home to a new generation of storytellers who are building community through their content, and small businesses (SMBs) are leading the way by taking us inside their kitch

    02:45 PM - 03:20 PM
    Anaheim Ballroom D
    • Alexis Gallivan
      (Global Head, SMB Engagement Marketing at TikTok)
    • Candy Me Up
    • Utopia US
      (Designer at Utopia by Cho)
    • Carpet Repair Guys
      (Owner, CEO, Lead technician, also only technician at Carpet Repair Guys)
    • Love & Pebble
      (Chief Marketing Officer at Love & Pebble)
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