Eugene Lee (CEO, CoFounder - ChannelMeter)

Eugene Lee (CEO, CoFounder - ChannelMeter)

Eugene Lee is the CEO and co-founder of ChannelMeter, a software platform for creator partnership management and monetization. Eugene envisions the future of media and digital advertising powered by social video creators. To see this world come to fruition, he's building software and technology to serve the Creator Economy.

Eugene is a veteran of online video, spending the last 12 years helping shape the space. As employee #4 at TubeMogul, he defined online video analytics, syndication, and worked with earliest social video creators. He’s responsible for spearheading some of the first influencer campaigns on YouTube, including one that evolved into Maker Studios. After more than a decade in the space, he is leveraging his expertise in social video data, branded campaigns, and monetization to help creators build the future of media.

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