Soyoung Kang (Chief Marketing Officer - eos Products)

Soyoung Kang (Chief Marketing Officer - eos Products)
Soyoung Kang is the Chief Marketing Officer at eos Products, the iconic lipcare brand that has sold over half a billion lip balms worldwide. In her role, Soyoung is responsible for driving the overall brand strategy, planning, and operations for all marketing initiatives.

Soyoung has always walked the line between left-brain and right-brain thinking. With a background in architecture from MIT, Soyoung has a distinctly innovation and design-centric approach to brand marketing; this came in particularly handy during her decade-long stint in specialty retail, leading the successful beauty segment at Bath & Body Works. She was also a strategy consultant for The Boston Consulting Group, holds an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School, and was a Fulbright scholar studying Confucian influences on spatial dwelling development in Korean history.

Soyoung was recently honored as a Forbes CMO Next, a Business Insider CMO to Watch, and a Glossy 50 Beauty Innovator.

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    Aug 04, 2020

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    • Soyoung Kang (Chief Marketing Officer - eos Products)
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