Ryan Bergara (Watcher)

Ryan Bergara (Watcher)
Ryan is the co-founder of Watcher Entertainment where he co-hosts Puppet History, Too Many Spirits, and Are You Scared. He also hunts (and kills) ghosts and (tries to) solve crime on BuzzFeed Unsolved.

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    Friday • June 24, 2022

    Community TrackASL Interpreters Present

    Watcher Q&A - More About Ghosts, Food & Puppets

    Laugh along with the creative minds behind Watcher as they discuss upcoming projects and what it’s like hosting hilarious unscripted series. 

    04:00 PM - 04:45 PM
    Spotlight Stage Presented by Spotify
    • Steven Lim (Watcher)
    • Ryan Bergara (Watcher)
    • Shane Madej (Watcher)
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