Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain
Emma Chamberlain an internet phenomenon, YouTube star podcast host, and CEO with a combined social media following of more than 20 million. Emma began creating content on YouTube last year and has gained over 8.98 million subscribers and 950 million views to date. The Los Angeles-based comedian posts hilarious vlogs on her channel, never taking herself too seriously. In 2019 she launched her first ever podcast with Ramble titled Stupid Genius with Emma Chamberlain. The podcast immediately shot to #1 on iTunes in over 50 countries. Recently, Emma launched a new Ramble podcast titled Anything Goes, on which she shares thoughts, conversations, and advice on topics from relationships and dealing with failure, to the trials and tribulations of being a cat mom and ridiculous stories with friends we can all relate to. It’s raw, intimate, and in true Emma fashion nothing is off limits. Emma is a “friend of the house” for fashion brand Louis Vuitton, attending the brand’s prestigious Paris Fashion Week show and creating content connecting new generations with the iconic Louis Vuitton brand. She was also the face of Hollister’s 2018 swim campaign and 2019 denim campaign. She worked on a holiday campaign with Five Below, curating end-caps that were in over 750 stores nationwide. In December, she launched a coffee company, Chamberlain Coffee, which is a line of high-end coffee beans ground up into a steepable tea bag. Her authenticity and candor landed her the February 2020 cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine in which they titled her, “The most popular girl in the world.” She has also been profiled by W, Forbes, The New York Times and Marie Claire, to name a few. The New York Times wrote, "Emma Chamberlain, 18, is the funniest person on YouTube," and W Magazine wrote that she is "the most interesting girl on YouTube." Time Magazine included her in their 2019 list of The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet as well as the Time Magazine 100 Next List

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    The Wonderful World of Emma Chamberlain: A Conversation with Emma and Michael Chamberlain

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