Rebecca Parham (Let Me Explain Studios)

Rebecca Parham (Let Me Explain Studios)

Rebecca Parham is an animator, storyteller, singer, and creator of the channel Let Me Explain Studios! A theatre brat and geek that never stopped watching cartoons, she uses her professional background in animation to tell stories from her life and even get a little spooky sometimes. She's a firm believer that stories are our most powerful tool for changing the world for the better, even if it's just making one person's heart feel a little lighter.

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    Saturday • June 25, 2022

    Community TrackASL Interpreters Present

    Animators Bring New Worlds to Life

    In this interactive session, we discuss the ever-evolving world of animation and visual effects. Learn how to get involved in this dynamic and magical industry.

    02:30 PM - 03:30 PM
    For You Stage Presented by TikTok
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