JP Lambiase & Julia Goolia (Hellthy Junk Food)

JP Lambiase & Julia Goolia (Hellthy Junk Food)

Hellthy Junk Food is in a nutshell, comedy cooking satire for the 21st Century. JP Lambiase and Julia Goolia started as a means to document recipes to encourage cooking at home more in place of going out to eat. Due to their comedic nature, it was hard to not throw in some bizarre humor, which helped Hellthy Junk Food stand out from the normal formatted cooking show. It's turned into creating oversized versions of indulgent foods, the test kitchen, food hacks, challenges, and exciting restaurant discoveries growing audiences on Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok, Snapchat, and Instagram. Join them recreating your favorite foods, sharing their adventures as they explore the world of Hellthy Junk Food.

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    Friday • June 24, 2022

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    11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
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    • Lauren Schnipper
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    • Colin Rosenblum
      (Host / Cofounder at Colin & Samir)
    • Samir Chaudry
      (Host / Cofounder at Colin & Samir)
    • JP Lambiase & Julia Goolia (Hellthy Junk Food)
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