Below are a number of precautionary measures to make your experience with us an unforgettable one.


Each VidCon attendee must wear their badge and bracelet at all times in a visible place in order to enter each of the activities, panels and meet & greets.


Each VidCon entrance will include metal detectors and bag searches. In order to provide a smooth and safe experience while entering the event, please review our restricted items and bag types below and leave these items at home! If you arrive with a restricted item, you will be asked to return the item to your vehicle, hotel room, or home OR to dispose of it. VidCon will NOT have a place to store your restricted items and staff will not hold them for you. Express lanes for those without bags will be available at multiple access points. Accommodations will be available for those with disabilities and exceptions will be made for medical conditions. Please see a VidCon staff member if this applies to you.

Allowed Objects

• Backpack or transparent bag less than 12 + 12 inches
• Belt bags
• Diaper bags

You can help us make this process easier!

• Leave restricted items at home
• Bring only approved bags
• Remove items from your pockets that may set off the metal detectors like keys, wallets, and cell phones
• Have bags open and ready to be checked
• Have your wristband ready to scan and your badge visible

Prohibited Objects and Substances

• Alcohol
• Any kind of weapon
• Drugs
• Drones
• Helium balloons
• Skateboards, hoverboards, skates, heelys, scooters, among others.
• Pets
• Promotional items not approved by VidCon

Cosplay Prohibitions

• No masks or items that cover the entire face
• No wands, sticks or objects that can be used as weapons.
• If at any time you sit or are in the presence of any dangerous situation, alert any security guard or VidCon staff.
• Backpacks or bags larger than 12 x 12 inches
• Travel Luggage


Weapons or objects that can be confused with real weapons are highly prohibited.