Regina Carrot

Regina Carrot

Regina Carrot is the first millennial creator of digital content in Spanish that empowers and motivates her audience.

Her videos have been seen by more than 150 million people and she continues her successful tour "El Club De Los Fracasados", a motivational performance where Regina mixes musical presentations with anecdotes and tips on how to get through life without being afraid of failure, making this regiomontana pioneer in this type of Spanish presentations known as "speakertainment".

Thanks to the popularity of her videos, and the practical and direct way in which she touches on the themes of motivation and empowerment, Regina was chosen by Jenni Rivera's family to star in "Engañemoslo", the music video with one of the songs that Jenni left before her departure.

Regina also belongs to the exclusive group of motivational speakers at the popular TED talks, where she presented "Eres Feliz o Solo Sonries" last year. Her book, "How to Get Out of the Failed Club," a guide on how to win the fight to achieve your dreams, will be released in May under the Penguin Random House imprint.

A graduate of the University of Monterrey, Mexico, Regina studied international marketing, earned a master's degree in business administration and a specialty in Positive Psychology.