Guadalupe Flores

Directora fundadora de Eliot Media at Eliot Media

She is the founding director of Eliot Media, the most watched Spanish-language media outlet for Generation Z, with more than 250 million monthly views on its YouTube channel Eliot Channel, and more than 30 million unique users across all its platforms.
With more than six years as director of the media, she has had the opportunity to meet and interview more than a hundred digital leaders of great impact in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries.
She is also host of the Eliot Radio program on Match FM 99.3 and has taught classes to promising young social networkers on the Eliot Academy platform in its three editions.
She has 14 years of professional experience creating content strategies for different digital and print media, including Vix, El Economista, Terra and Revista Fernanda. She is also the social voice of Eliot.

Superando el odio: Herramientas para enfrentar el bullying

Sunday, September 25, 2022

3:45 PM - 4:15 PM

Desafortunadamente, la negatividad está en todas las redes sociales y realmente puede afectar a los espectadores. Estos creadores han optado por tomar una ruta diferente al crear contenido reflexivo y edificante y fomentar comunidades positivas.