The health and safety of all participants at any VidCon event is our highest priority. In view of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences, VidCon will:

  1. Adopt safety and health protocols and guidelines, as required by federal, state or municipal decrees, rules, regulations and/or law in force on the date of the event; or, in its sole discretion, VidCon deems it appropriate and necessary to ensure the health and safety of all participants, speakers, content creators, sponsors, employees, contributors, suppliers, etc. 
  2. Exercising the right to withdraw from the event the participant who does not comply with the health and safety determinations, as determined by VidCon, in its sole discretion, and cancel his/her credentials without the right to any refund, compensation and/or indemnity.

Ministry of Health guidelines will be available here and we may update these guidelines as necessary (“Updates on COVID-19”), so please check back periodically. We may also send you updates about COVID-19 through the same email address you provided when purchasing your ticket.