All Mentorship Series sessions will be assigned via a matchmaking system that will open a month or two before the event.

How Mentorship Matchmaking Works

During matchmaking, attendees with eligible ticket types (Creator and Industry Track) can log in using the order holder’s email address and the Order ID. Please be sure you have this information ahead of time so you are prepared. If you are the order holder and have purchased tickets for others, please be sure the attendees on your order know which email address you used and what the Order ID is.

Once logged in, attendees will be able to view a list of the sessions that will be offered and rank each session topic using a slider that goes from 0 (no interest) to 5 (very high interest). When the site closes, the system will assign mentorship sessions to attendees based on their topic preferences.

When results are released, attendees who entered will be able to log back in and see if they received any sessions and find out who will be leading the session. Please note that unlike the Meet & Greet Matchmaking system, it is not guaranteed that everyone who enters will receive a mentorship session.