Yes! If you would like to upgrade your ticket, please reach out to with your full name and Order ID and we’ll walk you through the process from there. Please note that only the order holder may request an upgrade via email.

The refund fee is only waived for upgrades. In order to upgrade, you must purchase a track above your current ticket type (e.g. Community can be upgraded to Creator, Creator to Industry, etc). If you downgrade to a lower track, your previous ticket will incur the standard fees outlined in our Refund Policy.

If you receive a meet & greet via matchmaking and then request a ticket upgrade, please note that your meet & greets will not transfer to your new ticket.

After the end of the day on June 7, tickets must be upgraded at the Registration Help Desk during the event. In order to request an upgrade on site, please bring your QR Code and some form of identification that proves you are the ticket holder. Please note: It is not possible to upgrade your ticket after your original ticket type has been exchanged for credentials at on-site Registration.