Liron Segev

YouTube Security Specialist

Liron Segev is a Security Tech YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers teaching his audience about security, scams, and how to stay safe online. 

Liron is a YouTube Strategist working with some of the biggest creators on the YouTube platform which is when he spotted a worrying trend — hackers are targeting YouTube channels! 

Liron merged his YouTube and security experience to teach creators how to protect their YouTube channels so they don't get hacked and lose their channel and income; something that can happen in less than 60 seconds!

Creator Track

Gone in 60 Seconds: Don’t Let Your YouTube Channel Get Hacked!

Location: Room 207CD

Saturday, June 29

11:15 am - 12:00 pm

Featuring: Liron Segev

Did you know it only takes a hacker 60 seconds to bypass 2-factor authentication and gain access to your YouTube channel? What would happen to your brand deals, your income, and your audience? Would your channel ever recover? Join Liron Segev in this workshop as he exposes hacker tactics and equips every creator with essential strategies to safeguard their business from falling prey to malicious attacks.