Zach Ferraro

VP of Strategy & Partnerships

Zach is a tech and creator industry veteran with over a decade of experience scaling consumer and B2B products. He is currently the Head of Famous Birthdays Pro, helping scale a data product for agencies and brands to discover talent. He was previously Head of Strategic Partnerships at Fourthwall, an ecommerce and membership platform for creators. Zach additionally is an angel investor and advisor to early-stage startups working with creators and content, providing guidance on business strategy and growth.

Creator Track

Turning Passion into Profit with Membership Communities

Location: Room 207CD

Thursday, June 27

1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

Featuring: Dylan Harari, Sarah Penna, Connor Sweeney and more

Building a successful business as a creator takes more than just growing a community. Monetization is crucial for turning your passion into profit, and your community can help you do just that. Discover how membership communities empower you to create the content you want while earning steady income and deepening bonds with your dedicated followers. Join our expert panel as they explore the realm of paywalled platforms and the vast opportunities they offer creators, talent managers, brands, and media companies.


Industry Track

Creator Economy Measurement Deep Dive

Location: Anaheim Ballroom C

Friday, June 28

11:00 am - 11:45 am

Featuring: Zach Ferraro, Michael J Lambie, Josh Sadowski and more

The creator economy has matured to the point of requiring more sophistication around metrics, measurement, and attribution. Though there’s growing agreement about “followers” and “likes” not being an adequate, or even accurate, measure of impact/value, we’re still in the early days of finding consensus around what to measure and how do it in a way that provides creators and their partners with the insights that matter. Part philosophical debate about “what, why and how” & part showcase of emerging tools and tech, this session goes deep on the current and near future state of creator economy measurement.