Ruben Hassid

Founder of EasyGen

Ruben reached more than 80 million people last year on LinkedIn, going from nearly 0 to 300,000 followers. Obsessed with making generative AI buzz-free and useful, he shares his learnings every day across channels.

Industry Track

LinkedIn: The Sleeping Giant of Influencer Marketing

Location: Ballroom D

Thursday, June 27

12:45 pm - 1:30 pm

Featuring: Pete Cashmore, Brendan Gahan, Jasmine Enberg and more

Discover the transformative journey of LinkedIn, from a professional networking site to a thriving influencer marketing goldmine. LinkedIn has seen explosive creator growth, including a 24% increase in content and the launch of 150K newsletters. Brands are beginning to capitalize on this evolution — engaging with this affluent and professional audience through innovative influencer campaigns. With insights into the platform's recent milestones, including reaching 1 billion users and the launch of tools facilitating creator-brand partnerships, we'll uncover why LinkedIn is now the platform where substance meets influence.


Creator Track

Powered by AI, Made by Humans: The Future of Content

Location: Room 207CD

Friday, June 28

1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

Featuring: Ruben Hassid

With over 100M LinkedIn views and 375K followers, Founder of EasyGen Ruben Hassid is one of LinkedIn’s biggest creators and leading voices in AI. Join this session as he reveals how AI is transforming content forever, and discover exactly how he mastered a few simple tricks to stay one step ahead in 2024.