You won’t believe it until you experience it. VidCon’s Industry Track is the one place in the world where digital creators, fans, and the digital media industry converge in real time to chart the future of digital content. Get best practices, cautionary tales, and a wealth of insight on where we are and where we’re going from the very best in the business.

The landscape of digital media has changed dramatically in the past few years. VidCon Mexico is bringing the right thought leaders and experts together in one place to navigate these new waters. The businesses and brands that will come out on top in 2023 will be the ones that act smartly and quickly, invest in their brands, and think outside the box. Learn how that applies to you on VidCon’s Industry Track.


  • Forward-thinking marketers
  • Brand strategists
  • Digital and social media professionals
  • Creators and influencers
  • Software developers
  • Media and advertising agency professionals
  • Television professionals
  • Video producers, showrunners, and creative executives
  • Audience development professionals
  • Business owners
  • Influencer marketers and talent teams


  • Attend the Industry Track Welcome Reception to meet new potential leads.
  • Develop innovative strategies, discuss ideas, and make connections in the Industry Track Lounge.
  • Expand your network, create alliances, and strengthen your brand with exclusive Industry Track-only programming.
  • Enjoy all perks included with Community Track.