Keith Lee

There’s a very good reason why Keith Lee has over 10 million followers on his socials. He’s humble, authentic, respectful, and very identifiable. His unique style, love of food, and love for his family shine through everything he does, to make him one of the fastest rising stars of TikTok. Despite being well known as a professional MMA fighter and family man, it’s Keith’s ability to critique food that has sent him viral. His reviews are not only clever, insightful, and understandable to a wide range of people, they are also funny. No one is reviewing food like Keith. He’s not pretending to be an expert, he’s just telling you what he likes, why he likes it, and rating it 1 through 10 based on his own taste buds. Keith is the first to say that just because he doesn’t like something doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s just not for him. His opinion has now become a go-to opinion for fans, with thousands saying his opinion is the only opinion they trust. Keith is always willing to try new foods and to learn about the culture and processes behind each dish. Sharing this information in an understandable way is one of Keith’s many skills.