Zach Hsieh, aka ZHC, is an American artist, philanthropist and content creator with nearly 50 million collective social media followers. Running one of the largest channels on the internet, Zach has taken the meaning of the word “creator” to another level. Utilizing pencils, paints and inks, Zach creates dazzling designs on just about anything, including: canvases, iPhones and Teslas and has even redesigned entire schools and hospital wings. Originally from San Jose, CA, Zach began filming art tutorials, challenges and vlogs with his girlfriend Michelle. As the popularity of ZHC skyrocketed, Zach began incorporating wild philanthropy into his videos with giveaways and contests like “Customizing Everything In An Apple Store, Then Giving It Away” and “I Customized A Hospital, Then Paid Everyone’s Medical Bills”. Now a staple in the YouTube community, Zach has collabed with industry juggernauts like Bill Gates, Travis Barker, (KPOP Supergroups) SEVENTEEN, ITZY, and AESPA, Bella Poarch, MrBeast, Drew Barrymore, Addison Rae, Charli D'Amelio, Marshmello and Steve Aoki, consistently releasing hit after viral hit. Zach’s eye-popping content is both hilarious and inspiring, making him one of the most beloved family friendly content creators on the planet.